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Fellicity (1979)

Glory Annen - Felicity Robinson
Directed by John Lammond

Felicity Robinson is a young woman in search of her erotic dreams, much in the tradition of "Emmanuelle". At the end of her final year at Willow's End, an exclusive girl's finishing school in Melbourne, Australia, Felicity's parents send her on a surprise trip to Hong Kong. There she comes in contact with an exotic and exciting world of ancient rituals and mysterious people. Her innate curiosity leads her to many different amorous experiences: from a disastrously unsatisfactory introduction to love-making to finally finding true love in the arms of Miles. She teams up with Me-Ling, a beautiful Eurasian woman, who takes her to see the other side of Hong Kong: the boat people, the market places, but most of all the strange sexual nether world that is Hong Kong by night. The film stars Glory Annen, Christopher Milne, Joni Flynn, and Jody Hanson.

Private Screenings trivia: Did you know that Glory Annen who played the lead role in "Felicity" had a supporting role in "Supergirl"? Did you know that Jodi Flynn who plays Felicity's galpal was Octopussy Girl in the James Bond flick "Octopussy". She also graced the pages of Playboy magazine!

private screenings synopsis

There are actually several versions of this movie out there, so be careful of which one you pick up.

felicity VHS cover This is the original private screenings release. It has a few important scenes cut out, including the bathhouse scene. This version is out of print, but was most likely the version shown on Showtime in the 1980s.
felicity VHS reissue This version is the Private Screenings re-release. There is a Rated R and an Unrated version. I have not seen the unrated version. The rated R version is chopped up more than the original, but still features some full frontal shots. The photo on the cover does not come from the movie.
Felicity DVD cover This is a Taiwan issue DVD, with the best picture of all of them. Most scenes are here, including all of the extended love scenes, but for some reason all the full frontal shots are gone. Perhaps its some taiwan law? Anyway, if it werent for these flaws, this would be the ultimate edition. I purchased this DVD from ebay. I have not been able to locate another source for it.


Full Credits

  • Directed by John D. Lamond
  • Writing credits John D. Lamond (uncredited)
  • Glory Annen .... Felicity Robinson
  • Christopher Milne .... Miles
  • Joni Flynn .... Me Ling
  • Jody Hanson .... Jenny
  • Marilyn Rodgers .... Christine
  • Gordon Charles .... Stephen
  • John Michael Howson .... Adrian
  • David Bradshaw .... Andrew
  • Christine Calcutt .... Nun
  • Angela Menzies-Wills .... Bathhouse girl 1 (as Angela Menzies)
  • Sarah Lee (I) .... Bathhouse girl 2
  • Charles Gilroy .... Mr. Jacobs
  • John D. Lamond .... Peeping Tom Gardener