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Glory Annen (real name Glory Anne Clibbery) was born in Kenora, Northwestern Ontario, Canada on September 5th, 1952. She got her unusual first name from the nun who delivered her in a backwoods Canadian hospital. 'She exclaimed: 'Glory be, what a pretty girl'.

At age 17 she emigrated to England to pursue an acting career.

She made her first movie, CRUEL PASSION in 1977 at age 24. She was in several films (see filmography) but is most known for her work in the Australian production, FELICITY, in 1979. Her last film work was a cameo in the 1985 film WATER. She is also rumored to have done some stage work in England.

Also in 1985, she met Ivan Allen, one of the top horse trainers in the world. This began a 15 year relationship which ended badly in 2000. Ivan Allen, claiming no emotional attachment to Glory, wanted her out of his apartment where she had lived with her mother for nearly a decade.

"If anybody had told me back in Kenora that I'd be caught in this kind of weird situation, I never would have believed them," Ms. Clibbery said. "I now ever regret having met Ivan. At this point in my life, I never want to speak to him again, ever. It's just been so awful."

This led to a widely publicized legal battle in England, which is still in progress as of the writing (May 2002). Glory went to the press with her story in the Daily Mail (read article), causing a furor because details of events in the Family Courts traditionally were not allowed to be publicized.

Glory Annen, 48, currently resides in Newmarket, England and is working as a casting director. She is aware of this website, and has contacted me with her appreciation.

Details of the court case can be found here:

Glory's Casting Agency can be reached at:

Glory Anne Cilbbery
113 Ingelow Road

Tel: 020 7627 1233
Tel: 016 3866 2299


*I pieced this information together from various articles, and may be full of errors and omissions. Please contact me if you have anything to add.