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Private Screenings - the only place where you can buy Felicity on VHS. They offer a rated "R" and an unrated, uncensored version. The rated R version is shit. This site is not safe for work.

ebay search for Glory Annen - search for current auctions featuring Glory

Internet Movie Database - Listing for Glory Annen

Apple Pie Pictures Far East Limited - Home of John Lammond, director of Felicity. This site is down, but should it ever be active again, here it is. Someone had emailed him from this site a while ago, and gotten a response.

ifilm - Glory Annen entry - Review of Alien Prey (thanks for the clips!)

Salvation + Redemption Video - UK dealer with Cruel Passion (aka Justine) for sale

Clebrity Nudity Database - Listing for Glory Annen (no photos)