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John Lamond
Director of "Felicity"

John Lammond

John Lamond has always had an obsession about movies. He commenced his work on films as a teenager still at school working gratis at weekends on children's TV series and films. He joined the industry full time as a camera assistant becoming an assistant film editor then editor.

For five years Lamond worked in publicity and producing TV campaigns for films released by Roadshow, Australia's biggest and most successful film distribution company. Between 1974 and 1989 he produced and directed a series of films, mainly for Australian drive-in theatre release. In quick succession he made AUSTRALIA AFTER DARK, ABC OF LOVE, FELICITY and NIGHTMARES. Then followed BREAKFAST IN PARIS, a romantic melodrama starring Barbara Parkins and A SLICE OF LIFE, a TV comedy starring English actor Robin Nedwell.

All of these films returned excellent revenues for their investors and were sold for distribution internationally.

In 1988 Lamond decided to reach beyond the generally parochial Australian film industry where chronic union problems made it virtually impossible to assemble a cast with international appeal and restrictive nationalistic qualification criteria neutralised government sponsored investor privileges. Lamond explored a different world with SKY PIRATES, an action-adventure Film which sold successfully in most territories throughout the world, and a martial arts action-adventure THE SWORD OF BUSHIDO. Both films were made in the Asia Pacific region.

Here Lamond was captivated by the vitality and dynamism of Asia and the Pacific Rim and its advantages as a base for feature films.


Birth Date 23 February l947, Melbourne Australia
Completed Higher Education with honours in French, English, Art and Economics.
1965-1968 Joined Australian film production industry and trained as production assistant and film editor.
1968-1972 Film editor / freelance Sydney and Melbourne.
Studios - Artransa, Ajax Films, Eric Porter Studios, Zanthus Films, Senior Films. Edited many TV commercial and documentaries.
1972-1976 Publicist for Roadshow, Australia's largest film distributors. Produced Roadshow TV and radio ads during that period for many top Australian and International film releases.
1975 Producer/Director - AUSTRALIA AFTER DARK
1976 Producer/Director - ABC OF LOVE
1978 Producer/Director - FELICITY
1979 Producer/Director - NIGHTMARES
1980 Producer/Director - PACIFIC BANANA
1981 Producer/Director - BREAKFAST IN PARIS
1982 Producer/Director - A SLICE OF LIFE
1984-1985 Producer - SKY PIRATES
1988 Producer - THE SWORD OF BUSHIDO
1991 Producer/Director - NORTH OF CHIANG MAI
1992-1994 Screenplay and preparation for THE MENTOR© and THE WISDOM SEEKERS©

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